Effective 1 January 2021

  1. Notice of meetings, including the location, will be provided on the FRC website no later than 14 days before the meeting date.
  2. Agenda papers for public sections of the meeting will be provided on the FRC website no later than 7 days before the meeting date.
  3. Members of the public wishing to attend a FRC meeting must provide the following details no less than 24 hours in advance of the meeting:
    1. Name
    2. Affiliation
    3. Contact details.

    Please send the above to FRCSecretariat@treasury.gov.au

    Attendance must be approved by the Chair.

    Attendance is to be in person unless alternative arrangements such as videoconferencing or telephone conferencing has been approved by the Chair.

  4. The order of agenda items may be changed during a meeting.
  5. Minutes of public sections of meetings will be made publicly available on the FRC website.
  6. Members of the public do not have speaking or voting rights. The Chair may invite a member of the public to speak.