29th May 2012

Financial Reporting Council
Managing Complexity Task Force

As part of the FRC's 2011-14 Strategic Plan, the Managing Complexity Task Force was established to review the issue of complexity in financial reporting – in particular the sources of complexity in reporting, and possible ways to manage this complexity.

On 29 May 2012, the Task Force released a report Managing Complexity in Financial Reporting detailing the outcomes from the review, and requested comments from interested parties by 31 July 2012. Fifteen submissions were received in response to the invitation to comment.

The Task Force has considered the submissions received, and on 3 October 2012 issued a report Managing Complexity in Financial reporting – findings from the consultation process outlining the findings drawn from the submissions.

The Task Force concluded its work in October 2012.

Task Force membership

FRC members

  • Mr Bruce Brook (Chairman – May 2011 to Jun 2012)
  • Mr Michael Coleman (Member – May 2011 to Jun 2012, Chairman – Jun to Sep 2012)
  • Mr Michael Dwyer (May to Dec 2011)
  • Mr Kevin Stevenson

Non-FRC members

  • Ms Tanya Branwhite
  • Ms Judith Downes
  • Mr Michael Dwyer (Dec 2011 to Mar 2012)